Jess (velcro_girl) wrote in beggars_banquet,

You can bring me dead flowers by the mail.....

Wow.... I just got home from seeing the Rolling Stones in concert. Talk about a bad ass show!!! I was kinda bummed when I saw where our seats were, but once I sat down, the seats were awesome!!! Los Lonely Boys were supposed to open for them, but one of the guys got sick, so they cancelled. I was a little bummed out about that, but hey, I went to see the Stones anyway! Of course, they started out with Start Me Up and played a few songs, then Keith Richards got up there and did his 2 song set,so I decided to go check out the merchandise. Well, me and mom were standing there and I heard them say here's Dead Flowers, I took off, fuck the shirt! then realized I didn't tell mom, so I ran back to grab her and made her run back to our seats. Dead Flowers is my all time favorite song by any artist there is out there! Anyway, so we all jammed to it and my night was complete! so 2 hours later, the concert was over.. It was definately one to remember!
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